Thursday, 3 August 2017

Low Back Pain Remedies

Treatment for low returned ache relies upon on the affected person's history in addition to the kind and harshness of pain. A massive percentage of low returned ache cases get higher within six weeks without operation, and occasional back ache exercises are almost constantly a part of the remedy plan. If pain continues or worsens, greater involved analytical and surgical remedies can be suggested. Ceasing action for numerous days lets in injured tissue as well as nerve roots to start to heal, so one can help alleviate low back ache. Over numerous days of rest may result in a worsening of the muscle groups, as well as weak muscle mass need to project to sufficiently aid the spine.

Sufferers who don't on a ordinary basis exercise to build energy and flexibility are extra inclined to enjoy persistent or extended low lower back ache. Warmth and/or cold remedy enables relieve maximum kinds of low back pain via lowering infection. A huge number of over-the-counter and pharmaceuticals is available to reduce low again ache. Many medicines lessen infection that is often a cause behind pain, at the same time as some work to inhibit the indication of pain signals to reach the brain. each medication has a couple of identifying risks, possible unfavorable outcomes and drug interactions, which want to be assessed by means of a health practitioner.

Exercise is a key element of almost any low lower back pain treatment. typically a exercising software can be developed and held through a vertebral column scientific professional, like a physical therapist, chiropractor, or physiatrist, in addition to will encompass 3 components: cardio conditioning, extending, and defining. The exercises are exceptional completed via a managed, innovative plan, with the goal of making towards a stronger, extra flexible spine. additionally to sports specific to the lower back, any low impact cardio workout, like walking, is often a really perfect exercise to get the decrease returned since it enables bring oxygen to the gentle tissues within the again to sell restoration. Swimming or water workout has were given the equal effect and is a tremendous option if walking is simply too painful. Chiropractic Adjustment would possibly help improve marrow characteristic by way of lowering pain and infection to growth movement variety and physical feature. Manual adjustment may be typically done by way of osteopathic physicians.

Treatment For asthma

Several motives that aren't completely comprehended, the prevalence of the is at the upward thrust globally. At the United Kingdom on my own there are over three million patients. usually, asthma is a situation where it turns into difficult to respire, with the severity which variety from a barely worrying hassle in catching one breath to a massive life threatening incapability to respire in any respect. Those episodes of trouble respiratory can be alleviated with pills, but exercise and diet are believed to be critical equipment in asthma treatment helping to control the consistency and intensity of bronchial asthma episodes.

Just what exactly happens all through an asthma assault? Usually an allergies attack involves 3 main physiological adjustments. One can be bronchitis, in which irritants have brought about contraction of the lung muscles, accordingly narrowing the airways. The indoors of the lungs can also emerge as infected and puffy you may say that in addition reduces air float. This could bring about the secretion of mucous which serves to only worsen the nation. While all three of those factors are in play, an entire blown allergies attack is underway. The target later on for a bronchial asthma victim is to lessen the possibility of an allergies assault occurring, which may be executed with the help of allergies remedy medicine, diet and exercise.

What reasons bronchial asthma is believed to be both outside and internal? The external reasons can be commonplace allergens like pollen or dirt, despite the fact that emotional elements like immoderate pressure can every so often come into play. Internal asthma, that is normally greater extreme, frequently develops later in lifestyles and would not reply nicely to bronchial asthma treatment. it is not resulting from outside allergens, however rather can be because of exercising, infections, strain and substances in the environment. consequently it is important for asthmatics to be tested for what they might be allergic to also to avoid moving into touch with these materials simply as an awful lot as viable. The various quality ways to deal with pressure is through exercise, however a whole lot of asthmatics incorrectly consider that exercising will increase the hazard of an asthma assault. That is possibly comprehensible, because we commonly associate trouble breathing with bodily exercising.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hip pain Treatment and Causes

Cutting edge remedies that offer outstanding pain relief for all those combating with severe or continual illnesses. All remedies are provided by a Double Board licensed medical doctor. All the interventional treatments being presented are minimally invasive, clinic and extraordinarily low hazard. If you or a cherished one is suffering with an ugly situation like sciatica, failed back surgery, whiplash, spinal stenos is, neuropathy - in the end we provide treatment to help you get returned to paintings, playing with the youngsters and exchange your life.

We treats big range of problems includes extreme or chronic troubles and ones which can be easy or complicated. What illnesses are handled with PRP? Spinal tendon injuries - PRP is maximum effective for restoration continual tendon injuries, specifically tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, and inflammation of the patellar tendon. Acute ligament and muscle accidents - PRP treatment has were given a good deal promotion for the clinical treatment of severe ligament and muscle injuries associated with sports. Blanketed in these are knee sprains, pulled hamstring muscular tissues, thigh sprains, and much greater. Knee arthritis - PRP photographs are determined successful for the treatment of knee arthritis, possibly considering that they inspire cartilage regeneration.

Fractures - PRP has been studied for supporting in recovery bone fractures. Research researches show that PRP treatment is powerful for the treatment of numerous extreme and continual accidents and problems. The location of the frame being handled period of length of the injury overall health of the affected person. During the final decade, there were several medical trials investigating the capability blessings of platelet rich plasma Beverly Hills. Tennis elbow - In a 2010 look at, people who received PRP injections had a seventy three% achievement price as compared to fifty one% with cortisone pictures. The scientists documented that PRP reduced pain and accelerated feature a ways better than cortisone pictures at the 12 months observe-up.

Rotator cuff tears - A present day research have a look at concluded that PRP photographs reduced pain and impairment as compared to dry needling while used to treat rotator cuff accidents. The advantage of the PRP treatment became however cited on the six month observe-up. Persistent plantar fasciitis - PRP treatment applied to deal with unilateral long-time period plantar fasciitis become demonstrated to be efficient in a 2014 examine. while the examiner institution who acquire steroid shots at first felt enhancement, the PRP organization enjoyed long term effectiveness.

This evaluation is usually missed as youngsters normally gift with knee pain. Knee pain in kids might also have numerous reasons, however it's miles vital to be conscious that hip pathology like Perches disorder along with Slipped top Femoral Epiphysis usually present as knee pain and this often ends in a risky delay in evaluation as some regular knee xrays may result in fake assurance. Diagnosing the principle reason of knee pain in a young youngster also can be difficult as signs and symptoms may be indistinct, plus they often locate almost impossible to describe their pain.

Knee pain is commonly credited to developing pains which have to simply most effective be an analysis of exception at the side of only if the symptoms healthy a reasonably classical chronic and sporadic pattern of commonly night time pain and not using a other mental sickness. like any joint pain, it is good sized to exclude contamination. The child is probably sick with a quick history of the temperature, knee pain, a far limp or incapability to walk, in all likelihood swelling and be systemically ill. there is often an agency with minor damage, which ought to not deflect from the risk of contamination as a cause of knee pain. Tumors across the knee are most often benign, and in this instance pain might be the simplest sign with little else to locate scientifically besides maybe a few muscle losing and tenderness.

pain which occurs all through the middle of the night together with it's far relived by way of aspirin it's miles traditional of an osteoid osteoma, however night pain and relaxation pain is probably a more stressful sign of the neoplastic lesion. Malignant tumors like osteo sarcoma, although rare, possess a keenness for going on across the knee joint. they are commonly related to a brief records of worsening pain, relaxation pain in conjunction with a mass, with bony destruction together with soft tissue response and swelling. Again, tumors across the hip may present with knee pain. Clinical picture showing synovial thickening at the side of obliteration of the ordinary strains of the suprapatellar pouch inside the left knee as compared with the normal proper knee.

Inflammatory arthritis regularly has a persistent demonstration with a limp greater commonplace than intense pain. Youngsters are often capable of undertake strenuous exercising later inside the day. Anterior knee pain is extremely commonplace and is on the milder end of the spectral range of patella femoral signs and symptoms, the maximum critical of that are patellar sublimation and dislocation.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Significance of specialty Care

Your number one care health practitioner is your first point of entry into healthcare. On every occasion we need ordinary wellness tests or have any health questions or issues, we typically pass visit our number one care medical doctor. However every so often, while you’re clinical circumstance changes, your number one care medical doctor will recommend a specialist. Those experts provide the uniqueness care which you need.

At Gonzaga Medical Group, our sufferers have get admission to a number of specialty care physicians with professional know-how to optimize remedy in unique or complicated publications of care. Our specialty care carriers have sizeable education and schooling insure regions of care to better help our sufferers. We’ve docs focusing on endocrinology, hematology, and oncology, infectious sicknesses, podiatry, rheumatology, wound care, and dermatology. Learn extra about our uniqueness care:

Endocrinology specialist

When you have any troubles along with your glands, your health practitioner will send you to an endocrinologist. Some of those diseases affect other elements of the body – no longer simply glands – and an endocrinologist is educated to deal with these situations.

Our glands release hormones. It also includes the glands in the endocrine machine that create those hormone imbalances. Endocrinologists provide sufferers with treatments with a view to help their bodies go back to their everyday hormone stability.

If you are dwelling with a hypoglycemic sickness, thyroid sickness, pituitary gland disease, bone sickness, calcium metabolism sickness, adrenal gland ailment, or familial endocrine circumstance, our Endocrinology expert Dr. Luis Anaya Hoyos can help.

Hematology-Oncology specialists

Hematology and Oncology offers with the diagnosis, remedy, and prevention of blood ailment (hematology) and cancer (oncology). Hematologists treat conditions in the pink and white blood cells, platelets, lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood vessels, and the spleen. Blood situations can be either benign or malignant. Oncologists assist with the care and remedy of a cancer affected person.
We’re lucky to have two hematology-oncology experts at Gonzaba – Dr. Duran and Dr. Mazo. in case you are living with a blood ailment, like anemia, or most cancers, our hematologist-oncologists can assist.

Infectious illnesses professional

Infectious diseases are issues due to numerous organisms, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even parasites. Lots of those organisms live in and on our bodies. Every now and then, the organisms can purpose ailment, but maximum of the time, they're harmless. Relying which organism has inflamed you'll impact the severity of your symptoms.

Professionals will generally treat bacterial infections with antibiotics, viral infections with antiviral agents, and fungal infections with antifungal agents. Infectious illnesses experts have sizable education in all sorts of infections. Our in-residence infectious sicknesses professional is Dr. Alexandra Castro-Pena.

Podiatry specialist

Podiatry is dedicated to the take a look at, diagnosis, and remedy of conditions in the foot, ankle, and other regions of the leg. When you have heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, foot or ankle arthritis, instability, acute accidents, fractures, or chronic troubles, you should see a podiatry professional.

Gonzaba Medical Group even has a Foot Care health facility at our Northwest and Woodlawn Clinics. Sufferers can go to Podiatry expert Dr. Cruz for diabetic foot assessment and care, toenail trims, callus paring, and foot pain assessment. We also provide scientific and surgical offerings for foot and ankle troubles.

Rheumatology specialists

A rheumatologist is a expert in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic sicknesses. Those diseases can affect the joints, muscular tissues, and bones which can reason ache, swelling, stiffness, and deformity.

Every person reports joint or muscle pain sometimes, but every so often it may turn out to be extremely painful. You have to make an appointment along with your primary medical doctor to find out if you need to see a rheumatologist. if you are living with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases, we've two rheumatology professionals who can assist, Dr. Ana Ballester-Fiallo and Dr. Aaron Garza.

Wound Care and Dermatology specialist

Did you recognize that a few dermatologists are wound care professionals? Dermatologists don’t simply help those with burns and acne. They address the whole lot this is associated with our skin, even hair loss.

Gonzaba medical institution offers a Wound Care and Dermatology sanatorium that specializes in the session and treatment of wounds and ulcers and different scientific issues. Whether or not you’re dealing with an ulcer, burns, alopecia, or eczema, Dr. Gabriel Botero is our in-house expert who's available to help patients each day.

Go to Gonzaba for all your Healthcare desires

If you are interested in one of the Specialty care services at Gonzaba Medical Group call (210) 921-3800 to schedule an appointment. To shorten sometime within the waiting room, download our patient registration form, fill it out, and produce it with you on your go to. Current patients can without problems request an appointment through our patient Portal.

Gonzaba offers a diffusion of offerings below one roof, so our sufferers won’t have to be looking for new medical doctors with regards to their healthcare. We provide endured take care of each affected person. Visit to analyze more approximately our other services.

Headache Treatment

Headaches have happened to almost absolutely everyone at some point. These complications can variety from slight irritations to a debilitating pain crisis that needs immediate treatment. Headaches are researched across the scientific community; however reasons continue to be a mystery. The clinical network has broken headaches into a few without difficulty labeled classes. Primary headaches are with the aid of some distance the maximum not unusual variety, while cluster and secondary complications are a long way rarer. Maximum complications have no life threatening importance, despite the fact that secondary headaches can sign every other hassle at paintings inside the brain.

Most headaches fall into the class of number one complications, and are commonly without problems treated by means of over the counter solutions. Ibuprofen and Aleve are generally effective remedies for troubles related to number one headaches. Greater severe complications, like cluster headaches, demand specialized treatment. Different effective treatments for complications are therapeutic measures which include biofeedback, rub down, and psychotherapy. These are exact methods to save you complications previous to their onset. The general public of complications can be traced to a stress associated motive.

Several hours of physical exertion can really cause a pressure associated headache. The muscle groups within the skull can contract below pressure, causing pain. Treatment in all fairness simple, however prevention is a greater powerful manner of decreasing headache pain. Stopping headache ache typically means finding the reason of the onset in the first place. If emotionally annoying are bringing on the ache, a few sort of strain control need to be undertaken. Hours of bodily labor must be damaged up by using regular breaks to save you the outbreak of pressure related complications.

Frequent headaches that closing for weeks or months may be a signal of a greater extreme condition. Headache treatment in these situations might also revolve around diagnosing a greater critical issue. Complications that arise constantly and at random may additionally signal an extra serious difficulty at paintings. 

This sort of headache, referred to as a secondary headache, can signify internal bleeding, tumor growth, or chemical imbalances. It’s far critical to see a consultant each time issues of this kind present inside the patient. Prompt care can save you the root motive of secondary headaches from turning into a larger issue.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Treatment for Rhinoplasty

The treatment that is more regularly known as a rhinoplasty is the treatment that offers with the cosmetic side of treating the nose. Its miles quite critical to find a health care professional who is specialized within the region as it's miles very hard to get a person that's on this treatment.
There are two numerous techniques rhinoplasty may be completed: Open and Closed rhinoplasty.

Closed Rhinoplasty –

·         Closed Rhinoplasty is the approach to creating an incision within the nostril in preference to during the cartilage.
·         With the aid of doing this, there will be no manner that scarring can be found as you may locate not any cuts which have been created on the out of doors the nostril.
·         This therefore will imply there are precise restraints to the treatment.
·         It’s dangerous for surgeons to now not be successful to look what's happening all the time.

Open Rhinoplasty –

·         Open rhinoplasty could be very extraordinary to the opposite manner that rhinoplasty is done.
·         This approach calls for the medical professional to make a little cut in the nostrils so the surgeon might also then raise up the skin to peer the tissues as well as the cartilage inside the nose.
·         They may be successful to look what treatment goes to be maximum a success.
·         It will likely be anticipated a touch scar may be made due to having this rhinoplasty operation.
·         The downtime may be some distance longer as the nose may additionally have extra probable swelled up bigger than closed rhinoplasty could.

·         In spite of the truth that the cosmetic surgeons on the whole pick the open technique because it lets in them see what they may be doing extra carefully, there are several upsides to having closed rhinoplasty.

Monday, 3 July 2017

What's the Difference Between PRP and Stem Cell Therapy?

Patients who want scientific assist with pain reduction, tissue recovery, tissue repair or bone regeneration are an increasing number of turning to regenerative medication. The greater researchers explore the extra splendid their consequences seem. News tales point out a various variety of conditions, from more than one scoliosis to strokes that inspire hope for the destiny of regenerative medicinal drug. Right now, the interesting capability for stem cell remedy appears limitless!

Along with the use of stem cells, platelet Rich plasma is becoming a viable and extra cheap treatment option. Platelet Rich plasma therapy has been used for many years in surgical facilities global. Inside the final ten years, medical doctors have all started injecting platelet Rich plasma break free surgical operation to useful resource within the regeneration of tissues.

Scientific specialists have known for years that platelets play a critical role in restoration. Those very tiny blood components assist form a blood clot all through damage. Platelets also contain hundreds of proteins called boom elements, which can be very vital within the restoration of accidents. When you injure a place like a ligament or a muscle, they seep into the wound for the duration of the bleeding that usually occurs. They then installation a blood clot to stop the bleeding and begin to release increase elements to the region to coordinate a repair reaction.

The body’s first response to smooth tissue damage is to supply platelet cells. Platelets initiate restore and entice the crucial assistance of stem cells. PRP remedy’s natural healing manner intensifies the frame’s efforts with the aid of turning in a better attention of platelets. Platelet rich plasma treatment involves a small sample of your blood drawn. This is just like getting a lab test sample. Afterwards, the pattern is located in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds, separating the platelets from the other additives. The focused platelet rich plasma is then injected into and around the factor of harm. This jump-starts and notably strengthens the frame’s herbal recuperation sign.

Due to the fact your very own blood is used, the worries related to locating an identical donor are not relevant to either platelet rich plasma remedies or stem cell therapy. There may be no threat of a transmissible contamination and a totally low hazard of allergic reaction.

Platelet rich plasma treatment is commonly correct for helping damaged tissues that would heal on their personal given sufficient time but want to be speeded up, both for comfort or protection. Whilst platelet rich plasma remedy might also assist recruit a few stem cells to the region, stem mobile injection therapy is a good deal greater advanced. Stem cells are for tissues which might be absolutely past everyday restore, as opposed to helping within the natural healing process.

Platelet Rich plasma treatment is an innovative treatment that relieves ache by selling durable restoration of musculoskeletal conditions.

This swiftly rising method is showing thrilling ability with:

·         Shoulder (rotator cuff tendinitis)
·         Wrist/hand (arthritis, cartilage damage)
·         Elbow (tennis elbow)
·         Hip (arthritis)
·         Knee (jumper’s knee)
·         Ankle/foot (arthritis)
·         Neck (whiplash accidents)
·         lower back (lower lower back pain)
In case you are a candidate for platelet Rich plasma remedy, it's miles a much less invasive option in comparison to surgical treatment and could offer everlasting relief. Platelet rich plasma remedy also offers a lower out-of-pocket cost, lower risk of infection, and shorter recovery period. Platelet Rich plasma remedy is an option for sufferers with mild osteoarthritis or chronic tendonitis. It cannot recruit enough stem cells to thoroughly restore an intense level of damage.

The goal of platelet rich plasma remedy is everlasting ache resolution. Preliminary development may be visible inside a few weeks, step by step growing as the recovery progresses. Research studies and medical practice have proven platelet rich plasma therapy to be very powerful at relieving pain and returning patients to their normal lives. Many famous athletes, like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nodal, have obtained platelet rich plasma remedy for diverse troubles, which include sprained knees and chronic tendon accidents. Those sorts of situations have usually been handled with medications, physical remedy, or even surgical operation. Some athletes have credited platelet rich plasma remedy with their being able to return more quick to competition.

Despite the fact that stem cellular remedies also are used to restore injured tissues, the processes are finished in an exceptional way. Stem cells also are discovered within the human frame but they play a fundamentally distinctive position in the frame’s normal restoration system. Stem cells can be converted into any mobile that the frame desires. The frame utilizes stem cells to substitute damaged and/or injured cells. This technique lets in herbal healing and repair of the injured or damaged cells.
Because the body gets older the amount of herbal reserved stem cells starts to decline. That is why the recuperation system is slower because the frame gets older. Stem cell therapy resolves this shortage by means of injecting supplementary stem cells into the injured/broken region of the frame. This triggers the cell replacement, herbal recuperation, and ache remedy.

both stem cell remedy and platelet rich plasma treatment require skilled clinical specialists in order for them to be appropriately and efficiently implemented to damaged tissue. in case you are in the San Antonio region, bear in mind travelling the Stem cellular Orthopedic Institute of Texas for a session on how regenerative medicine let you.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What is dehydration & what are its causes?

Dehydration occurs when there is too much water lost, failing to intake enough water as it requires or a combination of both. Without getting enough water, your body can’t function suitably. You may face mild, moderate, or severe dehydration depending on how much fluid is missing from your body.

Causes of dehydration

The immediate causes of dehydration include not getting enough water, too much water loss from the body, or sometimes a combination of both.

Many a time it becomes impossible to drink enough water since we are too busy, lack the facilities or strength to drink, or are in an area without access to drinking water (hiking or camping). Other causes of dehydration are:

•    Diarrhea – It is the most common cause of dehydration-related deaths. The large intestine absorbs water from the food matter, and diarrhea stops this function, this leads to dehydration.
•    Vomiting – It also leads to loss of fluids in the body and makes it impossible to restore water by drinking it.
•    Sweating – The process of body cooling brings out a significant amount of water. Hot and humid weather and vigorous physical activity can further lead to the fluid loss in the form of sweat.
•    Diabetes - High blood sugar levels cause urination, i.e. fluid loss.
•    Uncontrolled diabetes causes frequent urination; other causes includes alcohol and medications such as blood pressure medications, diuretics, anti-psychotics, and. Antihistamines.
•    Burns – The water seeps into the damaged skin, and the body fluid is lost.

Sign & Symptoms of dehydration in adults and young children

Mild or moderate symptoms of dehydration include:

        Dry or sticky mouth
        Not peeing very much
        Dark yellow pee
        Dry, cool skin
        Muscle cramps

Other severe symptoms of dehydration include:

        Not peeing or having very dark yellow pee
        Very dry skin
        Feeling dizzy
        Rapid heartbeat
        Rapid breathing
        Sunken eyes
        Sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability

Symptoms of dehydration in babies and young children

        No tears when crying
        Dry mouth and tongue
        Dry diapers for 3 hours
        Sunken eyes, cheeks, soft spot on the top of the skull
        Sleepiness, lack of energy, or irritability

The cause of severe dehydration may require medical emergency and needs to be treated immediately to avoid any serious complications.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Common Causes of hip pain

Similar to other types of chronic pains, hip pain is a commonly experience problem by women than men. Since, hip pain can have a number of different causes, determining the correct cause is the key to get the best treatment. It isn’t always felt in the hip itself, but may instead be felt in the groin or thigh.

Pain in the hip can be a result of a number of factors. Abnormalities of the bones, nerves, skin, joints, tissues, muscles, and blood vessels of the hip can all lead to hip pain. Sometimes diseases that affect other joints in the body, such as inflammation due to arthritis, trauma or injury, bone fracture, etc. it may also occur due to other painful infections condition of the skin such as shingles.

Having problem with the back or spine may cause hip pain. Depending upon the cause of hip pain, the pain may occur when walking, running or engaging in any other physical activity. The treatment for hip pain completely depends upon underlying its cause.

Some of the commonly occurring causes of hip pain are;

Ø  Arthritis – Osteoarthritis is among the common causes of chronic hip pain that worsen the condition as you age. The condition is characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones where they meet to form joints. This may result in pain, stiffness, the loss of movement and the formation of bony overgrowths called spurs. Stiffness may be worse after periods of inactivity.

Ø  Hip Fracture – Hip fracture is a common condition among elderly individuals, especially those suffering from osteoporosis (low bone density). Hip fractures caused due to a sudden, severe hip pain injury then, it may require immediate medical attention. This may lead to further complexities, such as a blood clot. A hip fracture usually requires surgery and a physical therapy to recover.

Ø  Bursitis - Trochanteric bursitis, is another common cause of hip pain that occurs when a liquid-filled sac near the hip joint becomes inflamed. There are a number of factors that may lead to cause trochanteric bursitis, such as hip injury, posture problems, overuse of the joints, or other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Ø  Hernia – An inguinal hernia appears when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak part in the abdominal muscles. The resulting swelling can be painful, particularly when you cough, bend over or lift heavy objects. Pregnant women can be at risk to inguinal hernias because of the added force on the wall of their tummy.
It does not improve on its own and can lead to life-threatening complications. Your doctor will recommend you with a surgery to fix an inguinal hernia that's painful & enlarging.

Ø  Meralgia paresthetica – It is a condition marked by tingling, numbness and burning pain in your outer thigh. It is caused due to the firmness of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin surface. Obesity, tight clothing, and pregnancy are common causes of meralgia paresthetica, it may also occur due to local trauma or a disease, such as diabetes. You can relieve from this condition by, wearing loose cloths.

Ø  Bone cancer - It is a rare condition that begins in a bone. Bone cancer can start in any bone in the body, but it commonly affects the long bones that make up the arms and legs.